Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Yankees update

I'd like to thank Neil H for picking up the slack in recent days as I've been in bed rather unwell and with my final project for my university course due in on Friday, I have been working on that for those rare few moments that I have felt well enough to get out of bed.

Anyways, the Yanks have won four straight, what is the deal with that? The whole rotation has been through with quality starts, with only Pavano getting a Loss despite pitching well. Mike Mussina stepped up in a big way and looked great against a weak Athletics line-up but when Kevin Brown came in and did the same, it certainly made me sit up and notice.

I have Kevin Brown in my main fantasy team and Sunday was his last chance to throw well before he got the chop and that he did. However upon closer inspection, Brown's numbers haven't been as bad as I previously thought. His dERA is down at 3.51, which does show that the majority of the hits off him have been ground balls and sooner or later these hits will turn into ground ball outs.

Randy did ok again on Monday night without truly excelling and Wang did a fine job last night. All highly encouraging stuff.

In a few minutes they start a day game against the Mariners as they look to get the brooms out for the first time in a three-game series so far this season. Carl Pavano goes to the mound and faces up with Jamie Moyer.

In one more piece of news, F-Rod has gone on the DL and utility IF Russ Johnson has come up. More my the Giambeanie and my take on the latest news on New York's least favourite slugger to come later on tonight after the game.

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At 9:40 pm, Anonymous Rich said...

Yes, this comes from a Yankees fan, but hear me out. I think Fenway Park should be outlawed. With the Green Monster in left and Pensky's pole about 300 ft away in right, it's an unfair advantage that the Red Sox play half their games there. I don't want to hear how the other teams they play get the same advantage. It's not the same. Boston get's to play half their games in a park with minor league dimensions. Plus, after seeing Shefield get slapped last month by a fan, that 3ft wall in right is down right dangerous. I say, MLB should force Boston to eliminate some seats in Right, move the fence back and have a 6ft wall installed.

At 7:28 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

It is a big home field advantage but still it is the same dimensions for both teams when they play there. I have no problem with Fenway, they have a team who can exploit the monster whilst the Yankees have the opportunity to built a team for that short RF porch.


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