Wednesday, May 04, 2005

All 'new' Yankees... same old Yankees

The 'experiment' is only two days in, but there has been little evidence to suggest that the recent Yankee roster changes have injected that missing something that Cashman and Torre said they were looking for. If that missing something is hunger, it seems an improbable task for one 22 year old to inject a team of All-Stars with that desire.

Watching the Yankees as a Red Sox fan at the moment is a very strange experience - a heady mix of joy and fear. While the current results are flowing from flaws that were widely identified prior to the season - an over-rated rotation, a thin bullpen and significant defensive issues - it just seems slightly unreal / surreal to see all of these flaws being exposed simultaneously, so early in the season. Part of my brain is saying that this underperformance can't continue, and that my brain would be better employed worrying about issues with the Sox, while the Yankees clearly have a lot of time and (it is assumed) deep pockets on their side. However, as the Yanks continue to rack up poor performances, another, smaller part of my brain whispers that this may just be the true level of performance from an aging behemoth.


Interesting bite of information from ESPN's SportsCenter - the last time the Yankees started two rookie pitchers in the same week, seven teams had higher payroll than them, including the Kansas City Royals!

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