Sunday, May 29, 2005

Did the Yanks play yesterday?

At 5-0 I knew it was over and gave up and did other things. I came upstairs about an hour later and it was 14-0, what a game for the poor Red Sox, feasting on a diet of meat balls by Carl Pavano, and when he left, Mike Stanton and Paul Quantrill kept up the day-long tradition of throwing hittible junk.

Still it is only one game and 17-1 is just the same as 6-3 which was the score the previous night. Matt Clement looked great and does appear to be an excellent pick-up by the Red Sox. Pavano again disappointed at the big ballpark in the Bronx, his away performances do seem to be far superior and he had pretty much nothing and that was obvious from the get go.

Away from yesterday, the Yanks beat the Sox on Friday night behind a couple of sterling assists at the plate. Both Mark Bellhorn and Johnny Damon would be nailed at home by Womack and Cano respectively as the momentum shifted dramatically and the Yanks would come back and put up a five spot at the end of that inning and go on to win.

Red Sox fans were bleating about their third base coach but he was right to send Bellhorn so I don't see why they are moaning about that play, the second one though I can see why they were annoyed, the ball never left the infield and you wave Damon home from second? Mad.

Neil H will be at the game tonight as Boomer Wells takes on the red hot Moose in the rubber game of this three-game series, lets just hope the Sox are all hit out a la the Yanks after the game three blowout last year. The Sox going a good week or so hitting a buck eighty would be devine.

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