Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tigers can't take the heat so **** off out of the kitchen

Ah old school baseball. The Tigers in a blowout throw at E-Rod and chuckle to themselves. Paul Quantrill retaliates and they cry. "[Quantrill] doesn't even know that [Smith's] wife is about to have a baby ... and then he goes at the guy's head? He can kiss my [rear end] for all I care. Thank you. Print that." said Tigers Dimitri Young (as reported on . What a bum. First of all the ball drilled him in the back, not even right at the top of the spine, just down below the shoulder blades which is probably one of the easiest places on the body to shakes off a HBP. Secondly the pitch never had head height so unless the poor lad ducked half a meter and leaned back in a great gymnastic move, the ball wasn't going to hit him in the head. Thirdly your team started it in a blowout game, what do you expect? To be able to get away with cheap shots?

Dimitri was clearly not a happy guy. He continued in the same report, "If they hit [leadoff man Brandon] Inge down low, there's no problem with that. We hit their superstar after two home runs. That part of the game happens," Young said. "But when you go after a backup player because you're scared to hit an everyday player, to me you're not a good teammate, because you hit a backup guy around the head." Well sadly Inge wasn't up and this poor guy just happened to be up in the right situation, 2 outs in the following inning, whoever was up was getting hit. Remember Dimitri you were the punk that started this all by taking out John Flaherty in an exhibition game at home plate and showed no sign of remorse. That incident prompted him to say, "The days of the nice Tigers are gone. Milk-and-cookie teams finish last." You say you've lost respect for Quantrill? He was protecting his player from an unprovoked attack in a blowout, you took out a man in a Spring Training game. The nice Tigers got hit and are wallowing in how nasty the big bad Yankees are, give me a break.

Man am I pissed off with him. I don't like guys getting hit but if you intentionally hit someone then I have no problems with a pitch coming back and hitting the other team. Quantrill tried to go like for like, thigh for thigh but missed outside and both benches were warned. That didn't bother Quantrill who didn't miss second time up as he plunked Young just beneath the shoulder blades and a few Tigers came out of their dugout and Quantrill essentially said 'C'mon then' but got no takers. Quantrill and Torre were both ejected as Tiger manager Alan Trammell came out and asked the umpires if they could call the game and give the Tigers the win, those final few words may or may not have been completely made up, but I bet if they did Young would've claimed all 13 RBI's.

Young called Quantrill a headhunter and said that he wasn't sure the incident was over. Wang goes for the Yankees tonight and I doubt he'll hit Young back, but Tanyon Sturtze will if the opportunity reveals itself. If you are going to pour heat on the fire Dimitri expect to take a shot, your words are distinctly hollow. As I said in my title, If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. On that note I'm out and watch Hell's Kitchen on FOX, I saw the original UK version and Gordon Ramsey was fantastic and I hope you Yanks take to it as well as we did.

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