Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Moose doesn't walk the plank

What a pun. Sometimes I really make myself laugh, although my original idea of 'Moose mows down the Pirates' had nothing to do with anything, it would help me to remember I have gardening to do.


Mike Mussina looked great last night and then I fell asleep (after the first inning). Happily though he was still excellent even without me watching as he at one point retired 14 straight, before going on to pitch a five-hit complete game shutout as the Yankees beat the Pirates by a score of 9-0.

A good offensive performance to as Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter both run their hitting streaks to seven games and even Godzilla found the bleachers on his dodgy ankle. Jason Giambi missed a Home Run to straightaway Center Field by a matter of inches and Tony Womack sucked. I don't like Womack. Does anyone like Womack?

I thought not.

Kevin Brown goes for the Yankees and for my fantasy Fratton Yankees tonight, he is again hovering at the cut line as he and Braves Horatio Ramirez fight it out at the bottom of my rotation. I for some unknown reason still believe Kevin Brown can be an effective pitcher, am I insane?

Kevin, please prove me wrong!

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