Saturday, June 11, 2005

Why did I bother?

I went to bed last night and set my alarm for 1 AM to get up and watch the Yanks take on the Cards and by 2 AM I had shutdown the laptop and was returning to the land of nod.

Just how horrible was that Yankees fans?

I can take losing, what I can't take is not caring and these players simply do not care. They might act like they do but it is so pathetically clear that they do not. Mental errors are just unforgivable and our brains were collectively not switched on at all last night.

I know Jason Giambi has received a whole load of stick for his 1B play last night but only one of them was really his fault. On the A-Rod throw to 1st to get Walker in a rundown, he just forgot to catch the ball before trapping the Cards RF, that is just poor. On the Wang throw, maybe he should make the play but it isn't the easiest and the scoop from Jeter's throw is a play he usually makes, urgh.

I said to Neil H at 2-0 that the game was over and he couldn't believe I was being serious. We never even equaled the two runs the Cards scored and did we ever look like we might?

Stick a fork in them - this team is done.

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