Sunday, June 12, 2005

Game 62 at Shea Stadium

Well an evening of 'firsts' tonight -
  • first rain delay... a comfortable 82 minutes, with nice lightning strikes over toward La Guardia - the joys of Loge Box seats under the cover!
  • first "robbed of HR" catch... Beltran made an amazing grab of a Bengie Molina hit to deep center, that was genuinely out of the park when he caught it... stunning!
  • first inside the park home run... from my seats I couldn't see what happened in right field, but it seemed impossible that anyone could get a HR from that hit without an error - even then, Anderson was just turning third when the throw came in from right field, so I still don't think he should have scored...
  • first walk off HR... was one of those at bats that had to end in with either a HR or a K... Floyd fouled off a couple of pitches, but a fantastic end to the game, just a pity there were so few people left to see it!

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