Friday, June 10, 2005

No Sox... No Yankees... is there no baseball in America today?

Given that the greatest rivalry in sports (TM) is on a day off, I thought I would offer random observations from the games that flicked across my screen at various points tonight (and a comment on the best story of the baseball season so far) - with a particular emphasis on how the 2005 amateur draft affected tonight's results....
  • High School SS, and #1 draft pick, Justin Upton delivered nothing for the D'Backs tonight... nothing... what a waste, an absolute waste of a pick.
  • How did the Mets manage to lose a home series to the Astros? The Astros arrived in NY with a 5-20 road record, but managed to take 2 from a team that the NY press still flirt with as "contenders" in the NL East. I may be very wrong, but this really is just a .500 team with two superstars. If those superstars aren't performing, and hey at best, one of them is only performing every 5th or 6th day anyway, describing this team as a .500 team may be kind. And as for those Mets draft picks... nothing... not even a sighting at Shea - I expect more from these guys.
  • Remember when we all giggled at how the Diamondbacks took terrible downgrades in trading away Schilling and Johnson - how many Sox fans would prefer Brandon Lyon's output so far this season than that Schilling guy... well no, me neither, but I am guessing there are a lot of Yankee fans that didn't sour on Javy Vazquez last year the way Yankee management did, that watch his perfomances get stronger and stronger and wonder how Mel couldn't get Javy pitching this way last year... and they added Halsey to the deal... and cool, hard cash... Of course I have now jinxed Javy, and he will be out of this game soon (in action v Twins, 5.2IP, 1 run... and unbelievably... a 2 run bomb to Jacque Jones means he is now 6.0IP, 3 runs... - I love that Johnson trade).
  • If the Phillies can start that 'badly', have so little output from Jim Thome and still be that close to 1st place in the NL East in June, they have to be serious contenders... but that Polanco / Urbina trade looks a little off to me. I have been saying to Neil M for a while that the Yankees should have tried to get Polanco and Ryan Howard in some sort of package, and I really do think that the Phillies could have got a better price waiting out this one - unless they think they can get a better price for Wagner in the forthcoming weeks?
And now... the best story in baseball so far this year...
  • Clint Barmes, who broke his collarbone carrying groceries into his apartment, now wants to change his story... Aside from the fact that anyone earning the major league minimum should have a posse of school friends to take care of groceries... how lame a story was that in the first place? But fear not, the truth is now out - he actually broke his collarbone saving a young child crossing a busy Denver street, a move he learned from E-Rod earlier this year... well no, sorry to disappoint you, but, he broke his collarbone lugging a package of Todd Helton sourced deer meat! Anyone with me thinking this story might change again if Mr. Barmes were sitting in a chair with a bright light shining in his eyes? Perhaps he was washing a car on his off day with Jeff Kent?

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