Thursday, July 07, 2005

The freakin' Giambeanie

Is Jason Giambi back to being a presence in the New York Yankee line-up? His series against the Orioles suggests so but my colleague Mr Hay was not convinced in any way that Giambi was having anything other than a short "hot streak and he's facing rubbish pitching".

Well looking at his stats and there is a reason for genuine optimism. He hit .310 through the month of June and although his power wasn't there you felt it was coming. His three homers and two doubles in the short two-game home stand with Baltimore even saw him get a standing ovation when he was removed for a Pinch Runner.

The home crowd have given him a bit of stick but the players have always been very supportive, noting the hard work he puts in day after day to get his stroke back with Donnie baseball. You can see the players are desperate for him to turn it around and as his stroke comes back so will his confidence. He won't need to cheat on a fastball and if his bat can speed up then he is a real force for power as well as OBP in the the middle of the Bronx Bombers batting order.

Now I'm away for the long weekend and I bet he fails to get a hit after I've said all that!

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