Sunday, August 14, 2005

Game 116 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards

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Key moment of a true pitching duel... Dave Newhan at bat in the bottom of the 8th, Dave Bush on the Mound, first pitch... Newhan swings and pops the ball up foul... it bounces off the row of seats in front of me and pops up nicely for me to make the grab... my first foul ball... and what do I do... I give the ball away - check out the heart warming scene on (about 2hr 45min into the complete game coverage if you are asking) as I catch the ball then give it to a young kid that had chased the ball. I know I did the right thing - the look on the guy's face was worth it alone, but... my first foul ball... ever...

The biggest thing about today's game was the heat - game time temperature was an even 100 degrees, but believe me it felt a lot, lot hotter - and with the high humidity, the heat index must have been quite a bit higher. When a baseball team makes public service announcements telling you they are giving away free ice chips you know it is hot!

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