Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Never blog angry

That Curt Schilling as closer experiment is going well... clearly part of this is the immediate response to a visual stimuli, but... c'mon this isn't working - we would be bitching about a starter giving up runs and hits at this pace, let alone a "closer".

Johnny Damon sure knows how to chase down a ball hit over his head...

Terry Francona sure knows how to manage by the book...

That game sure looked won - but a number of disappointing performances, including some very poor at bats from Petagine (first pitch outs, with the bases loaded are a personal favorite), saw this game gradually slip into the loss column.


2 threw a strike:

At 4:37 pm, Blogger Colin Gray said...

I just watched some highlights on MLB.com, Damon clearly thought the ball was gone for a home run, is this typical of his fielding? I certainly didn't think it was.

At 1:40 am, Blogger Neil H said...

Hey Colin,

There have been a few plays recently that I have thought looked untypical of JD in the field - two of them last night alone.

Given JD's weak arm, his value in CF is entirely dependent on his range, which is considered, at least, above average - if that is deserting him, it does make you wonder if the hamstring problem that kept him on the bench at the end of last week is more serious than is being revealed?



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