Sunday, July 31, 2005

Terry being Terry

Well Terry had fun with Sox Nation this evening - I can't believe I was the only Sox fan that declared the Manny era over when I heard that he had been scratched just before game time.

In his post game comments, Terry revealed that he had decided to sit Manny for a few days - my read on it was that he will sit again tomorrow - to allow all sides to take some deep breaths and focus on the second half.

I am hoping that this really does mean that Manny is going nowhere - there just seems no way that we can fill the hole he would leave in our offence with any of the players who have been mentioned in the various trade rumors. In tonight's game, David Ortiz matched his career high with 4 walks - if we do trade Manny, you can imagine that Big Pappi will get many, many opportunities to match that career high whoever is hitting in the hole behind them.

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