Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Jon Papelbon era (part 2)

Well the Jon Papelbon era has started, and thankfully our hitters have taken him off the hook in a game that he didn't deserve to lose.

His line:







v. Twins







The 2 earned runs that he gave up were solo shots to straight away / right center field, but more concerning (superficially) were the walks. I think today he gets a pass (!) on those - the majority of them coming in his last inning or so, when he did appear to be a bit gassed - not that surprising for a guy working his home major league debut.

His first two innings saw him record a swinging K, swinging K, fly-out to left, single, hbp, pop up, swinging K, swinging K - nice work out of the gate, and enough to offer a lot of hope when he does make his stay in the majors permanent.

One question though (in multiple parts) - Papelbon did look done after 5 - why send him back out there? And once you did, why bring in Delcarmen to make his home debut in a situation where he was unlikely to succeed - 2 on, 1 out in the 6th? We have had two multiple run leads over the last couple of days, would it not have made more sense to bring him in one of those games?

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