Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm excited

Whilst Neil H seems a lil bit nervous, I am extremely excited about this series and the baseball I am about to start watching in an hour or so. I have even subscribed to NASN so I can watch the games on the big widescreen downstairs. Whilst I have been a bit nervy recently these are the times you have to just enjoy the battle.

Sometimes in sport you are so desperate to see your team win that you forget to actually enjoy the specticle. Tonight I will soon move downstairs to watch Around The Horn and PTI and then settle down to watch Wang and Wells going at it. I want the Yanks to win and play great baseball and I'm probably be over the moon with any Yankee victory but I want to enjoy the evening, not just enjoy the result.

So here's to a good entertaining match and series and a Yankee victory ;)

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