Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yanks ride D to big win

The other day whilst discussing the MVP debate, Neil H said that defense was an over rated stat. Well on Saturday night the Yankees rode superb defense and an excellent outing from Shawn Chacon to reel off their fifth win out of five on this current road trip.

Catches by Matsui and Sierra, fine plays by Jeter and Cano and a game ending Around the Horn double play started by A-Rod were enough to see off the Blue Jays. Considering how lacklustre the Yankees D has been all year long it was nice to see such a well played baseball game, and these Yanks are starting finally to look like a team that wants to be in the postseason.

Bernie Williams drove in the only run of the ball game whilst Jorge Posada again showed that his bat is warming up going 3 for 4. With the Red Sox still 1.5 game up (1 in the L column) they are still the favourites to take the East and they too have been finding ways to win close ones.

Even though its been hard to watch I think you have to admit the quality of baseball has been slowly improving from the two ball clubs. I also agree with his thoughts that the ChiSox are playing themselves out of the postseason and the Indians series is going to be quite something.

Still another game off the schedule and another two gritty wins, there are a few twists and turns to be had yet…

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