Saturday, October 01, 2005

Here we go

The Yankees and the Red Sox know the following:

One win would guarantee them at worst Monday and Tuesday baseball. The Indians shock loss against a ChiSox second string last night means that whatever happens, one win for the Yanks or Sox would give them at worse two one-off playoff matches, how good would that be for baseball?

Last night was a decent game, the Yanks left em loaded in the first and you felt at that moment a real chance had been missed. Wang looked pumped therefore his sinker wasn't sinking until after Varitek's solo shot in the second. Some base-running errors by the Sox (Damon and Nixon) helped the Yanks stay close but you just felt like it wasn't going to be our night.

Plus points though include neither Flash or Mo came in giving them yet another day off after being heavily relied on in recent weeks. The real bonus of the night though was the Indians, who'd of thought they wouldn't beat the ChiSox after they left out seven regulars?

Still...we play ball again later and Neil H will be there, should be fun!

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