Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just say YES

With the ball-club being quiet over the past few days, I thought I'd blog about the YES Network and my thoughts on the announcers that I regularly stay up until the wee small hours of the morning listening to. Having means that I don't always get the Yankees feed but in around 80% of cases last season I was lucky enough to do so. So here's my two cents on the six people who called the games last season.

Michael Kay - He is clearly the front man and the least knowledgeable and I'm not his biggest fan. Although as a broadcaster and journalist by trade myself and therefore tend to stick up for guys who aren't just former players, I don't think he brings much to the plate in terms of style, which you need when your knowledge is lacking.

Bobby Murcer - I like listening to Bobby Murcer and was disappointed not to hear as much of him in the 2005 season. In the 2004 season it seemed as if he and Kenny Singleton seemed to do a lot of road trips and I enjoyed both their voices, I hope he returns and does more games next season.

Ken Singleton - As Neil H knows, Kenny S is my favourite announcer on the YES network. He brings a very relaxed style and ease to the call and also brings good insight which he doesn't give in a condescending way. Much more Singleton says I!

Jim Kaat - Another nice style who brings an expert knowledge and tries not to dumb it down too much but even beginners could understand what he was putting across. These three are the best three in my book and when there are games without any of these three I kind of wish I'd of gotten the other feed...

David Justice - Ok he saved our season once upon a time but in all honesty he's very dull and boring as an announcer, keep him in the studio as I don't get to watch that so I don't have to listen to him.

Paul O'Neill - I'm unsure of O'Neill, clearly a great Yankee whose # will probably be retired at some point but compared to Joe Girardi who he replaced for the 2005 season, he doesn't offer the insight and he never seems to get excited. The best bit about Paulie is he winds Kay up and takes the piss out of him which I personally always enjoy.

So there are my thoughts on the people behind our summer, more Murcer, Singleton and Kaat and less Justice and Kay thank you very much Mr YES Guy.

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