Sunday, January 15, 2006

Neil M's Sunday Night Quickie's

From now until the start of the Baseball season (or possibly I'll keep it going) I'll post a few quick tidbits and random thoughts (mostly on sport) every Sunday evening. Here is Sunday #1...

Aren't the winter months boring?

How can umpires get things wrong even though they have TV replays? (See NFL today) I am a fan of replays in all sports to get things right but if they use it and get it wrong it really pisses me off.

How did the Rays (who are generally good at trades) only get Edwin Jackson and a young guy from Class A ball for Baez and Carter when there was talk of them being involved in a Mets, Birds, Sox four-way?

Can Jason Giambi be the most feared player in the AL in 2006? My gut instinct says no but he'll be right up there again. Pitch to Giambi with Sheffield on deck, nice.

Can anybody answer me this question, Can a NFL Head Coach be ejected?

Why hasn't anybody signed Jeff Weaver yet? He isn't *that* bad

Michelle Wie needs to play on the LPGA more

In a salary keeper league of 30 players and a $90m cap why has some idiot spent $15m on Lance Berkman?

I need a fantasy baseball

Some Quotes from me tonight whilst talking to Neil H during the Panthers/Bears game

(After the poor reverse of the fumble call that would've resulted in a Panthers TD) I'd of thrown the red flag if I was John Fox and I'd of taken a run up and thrown it as far as possible. 'what are you challenging?' 'Your bullshit call on the challenge'

If I ever find a Quantum Leap Machine I want to go into Bill Cowler's or John Fox's bodies after those challenges then Dave Roberts body whilst he's standing on 1st in Game 4 of the ALCS...*starts running* ooooo my shoe lace is undone *bends down to tie it up* *tagged out*

Ok back to the game...This blogging update has been brought to you by the chocolate bar Galaxy and the fizzy drink Cherry 7up

3 threw a strike:

At 9:17 am, Blogger Pete J said...

To answer your querie about the Baez deal, Tampa didn't just get Edwin Jackson but they also got Chuck Tiffany who is another highly rated pitching prospect from the Dodger system.

They also dumped Lance Carter who is probably the most infuriating relief pitcher around. He has shown he can be very good but why can't he do that more often than not rather than being bloody awful three times and awesome once?

At 1:43 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

I know the Rays like highly-touted prospects but the Rays have the prospects to get a good team together in 07 and 08, they need AAA/AA prospects or ML ready players in my book.

At 11:13 pm, Blogger Pete J said...

Tiffany is a AAA player who could be in the bigs soon. Whats the problem?


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