Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So Sori - Alfonso shifts to the OF

Later today the Washington Nationals will take the field for a Spring Training game but the big question was whether or not Alfonso Soriano will take the field. The former Yankees second baseman had initially refused to make the transition to the Outfield and if he didn't agree to the shift today then it was likely that the club would place the four time All-Star on the Disqualified List.

However a club spokesman has just revealed that the player will play in LF tonight against the Cardinals and although the player is still clearly extremely unhappy, he will get on with the job in hand.

Soriano had previously stated that the only team that he'd suit up for in the OF was the New York Yankees but clearly the thought of losing $10m and the right to free agency after the 2006 season wasn't one which he wanted to see turn into reality.

I had some sympathy with the player, however most players, even the hated A-Rod left a position where he was fully on his way to becoming the greatest SS of all-time because that is what he was asked to do. Soriano will be paid $10m bucks this year, just think about that, ten million, and all he has to do extra is run a few extra yards, not the worst deal ever in my book...

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