Thursday, April 06, 2006

Interesting... very interesting

OK, so I started writing this post as a before and after - I was going to comment on the game before and after Foulke's appearance in the 9th in Texas... except the bottom of the 9th has started and Keith is still sitting in the bullpen.

I can only imagine the zoo that will be the Boston postgame press conference after this move by Tito - regardless of the outcome - but my bet is that Francona will say that Foulke is his closer, but he is working his way back, and they want to give him the best possible chance to succeed when he is back in the role full time. And having watched an incredibly impressive inning by Papelbon, the real zoo probably starts when Tito doesn't bring in Papelbon in a save situation.

There were a number of highlights tonight - Crisp (again - his speed on his triple was just amazing to watch), the Sveum-esque work by the Rangers 3rd base coach in the 8th... but the real highlight for me tonight was Beckett's work - you just have to love how competitive this guy is - pumping his fist in the 4th as he got the K after a 9 pitch at bat, finishing much more strongly than he started - can't wait to see him live in his home debut next week. He gave up a quite a few hits, but he just pounds the strike zone, which will lead to contact, and hits, but he is never willing to give in.

Our hitting is still in early season form - the only guy that looks really ugly at this stage is Manny, who appears to want to defy the laws of physics on balls on the outside corner, but lets not worry after 3 games...

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