Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The day after the night before

Don't you just love two game series... every team in the league has these this week, presumably the schedule makers thought it would be fun... someone had to.

I was out for dinner last night and didn't make it back until the bottom half of the 7th inning - and even then got to see the effect the wind was having - a Jeter mis-play on a pop-up into shallow CF, and the wind knocking down some hard hit balls - to the extent that I thought there was no way anything was getting out of the park - bad Neil, never doubt the Papi...

Out of morbid curiousity I Tivo'd the game to give me the opportunity to watch Damon's first AB - I know it has been done to death elsewhere, but man, the media really does love to overplay these things. I actually thought the reception he received was relatively muted, all things considered - YES were clearly trying to use the booing as part of the 'Boston should be kicked out of the Union campaign'... but at least some people were openly cheering...

What has amazed me is that the behaviour of the Sox fans was variously described as 'shameful', 'embarrassing', and memorably, 'a black eye for New England' - as if Sox fans have some unique ability to be cruel to ex-players... was it really just a year ago that David Wells had to undergo intensive therapy following his opening night chorus from the boo-birds in the Bronx?

And to cap it all, Joe Torre chimed in as well...
"I'm a little disappointed in the reaction by the fans," Torre said. ''I guess we should feel proud. Evidently, wearing a Yankee uniform overrides winning a World Series and busting your tail for four years. Without Johnny here, they may have been working on 89 or 90 years."
Hey, Joe, classy, just think, you have him now and you are working on 6... good luck with that.

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