Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yanks split a short set in Canada

Randy Johnson had nothing, Mike Mussina had everything. I know who I want on the mound in a big game and it isn't Randy. Last nights 10-5 loss was really poor considering we'd stung Chacin for four early runs only for Randy Johnson to give it all back and more before the end of the second inning.

Aren't Yankee fans happy Randy has his own personal catcher? If that is how he works with Stinnett, he'd probably of given up 17 if it was Jorge behind the plate. They worked well together in Oakland on the opening night for the Yankees but haven't worked together since. Whilst I know Jorge needs his days off, at this stage of the season where the Yanks have two off days in a week, they don't need to be sitting Jorge.

Is Randy injured? If he isn't then I am worried, seriously worried.

However Mussina worked this afternoon and went 7.1 giving up one run on seven hits and giving up no free passes, he struck out a season high seven batters. Mussina has pitched well all season and looks healthy. Whilst he can't rear it back and blow pitches past hitters, he can still pitch smart and if he can go seven and give up two or three each outing then that is enough to give our offense a chance to win the game.

Today's win was our first win where we didn't blow out the opposition, it makes a nice change to win a game without ending it with our reserves in as we've already won the game several innings earlier. A good game of baseball, enjoyable to watch and one that kept us interested until late, not what we've gotten used to so far this 2006 season.

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