Monday, May 01, 2006

So all starts again

Tim Wakefield v Chien Ming Wang
Josh Beckett v Shawn Chacon

A short two game set at Boston heralds the start of yet another season of Yanks and Sawks rivalry. This year the main player is Johnny Damon who turned his back on the Red Sox to join the Yanks, he has and will continue to have to deal with the pressure of moving to the other side of one of sports most intense and fabled rivalries.

However Damon is but one player, this game is far bigger than whether Damon will be cheered or booed by the Fenway Faithful. The Bombers are hoping Gary Sheffield can return to the lineup, without him on Sunday the Yanks moved Giambi up to the three hole, which is where he should be playing day in, day out, but nevermind.

A potent Yankee offense will take on Wakefield tonight but I said earlier today on a forum that the Yankees will run early and run often. Mirabelli's replacement as Wakefield's catcher Josh Bard has yet to look comfortable handling the knuckler so I fully expect Damon, Jeter, Sheffield and A-Rod to be looking to run on the Red Sox battery.

As for on the mound for the Bombers, Wang has been ok this season without looking all that great. Against the Twinkies he looked very impressive but he seems to be giving up too many hits for my liking, although a sinkerball pitcher will always give up his fair share of hits.

Who will come out on top tonight? Time as they say will tell but in my keeper league I have both Wakefield and Wang going tonight so it's not going to be fun watch a slugfest, I can tell you that much!

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