Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One run wins

5-0 this year, against 1-2 this time last year in 1 run games - I know which one we will settle for (if we had a choice).

There really is nothing worse (in baseball) than watching a tight, close game on Yahoo... then switching to ESPN.com to see if they have quicker updates... then MLB.com... then Yahoo... - none of our employers can really have minded, can they?


The point has been made elsewhere but our lineup on Saturday really was thin - it has frustrated me in the past that Toto seems to take joy in resting all of his players on the same day - and given that Varitek was off on Saturday anyway, could he not have done one Saturday, one Sunday, one today? and that situation wasn't helped by the additional absences of Nixon and Crisp, but I am sure that Loretta and Lowell and Varitek will feel the benefit of that day off in September... At least Terry thinks so:

“I wrestle with that a lot,” said Francona of when to rest regulars, especially with Nixon and center fielder Coco Crisp injured.

“I just come to the conclusion that 162 games is a long time, and if I try to do something I’m not supposed to do, it will end up catching up with us.

“I just think that if you do things against what you think is right you are going to end up causing more problems. You might win one game and lose 10 down the road.”

Boston Herald
I don't think I am disputing the sentiment, but all on the same day, this early in the season?


Am watching the Mets on ESPN and Pedro has just left after 6 2/3 innings, 8K and 3 ER, and a man on first... to a standing ovation... with Pedro leaving the field, both arms above his head soccer style... I guess standards are lower in New York than in Boston?

But if Randolph knew that Pedro was on such a short leash, why on earth did he let him bat in the 6th, with a man on in a 4-3 game?

1 threw a strike:

At 3:03 pm, Blogger s1c said...

Was listening to the Mets game while working on the Bathroom (I hate pedestal sinks), not one of his best but it seemed every time he needed that special pitch he came up with it. Agree with you about him walking, Theo knows the price he wants to pay and except for Clement, you can't say he has overpaid anyone so far.


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