Sunday, May 21, 2006

Somehow the Yankees win

I had given up on the game after five as my take-away arrived, I then promptly threw it all up and felt rather rough as I settled down to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Then however my MSN went bing and Neil H informed me that Giambi had a hit and A-Rod had walked to start the 9th. I tuned in just as Cano lined a RBI single past the outstretched arm of Jose Reyes and it was game on.

Cairo flew out but then came the AB that made me think that the game was there to be won. Melky Cabrera went down in the count 0-2 and fouled off three pitches before starting to take some out of the strikezone. He got it to 3-2 and had a very good swing at the pay off pitch but fouled it back, the next pitch was high and away and the bases were full of Bombers with the go ahead run at the plate in the form of Kelly Stinnett.

This was a sure sign that Posada couldn't field his position but Stinnett took four straight pitches outside the zone forcing home A-Rod from third. It was clear to everyone that Wagner had absolutely nothing, not a thing, nada, ziltch, but still he was left in to pitch to Bernie Williams. He threw a slider which hit Bernie, forcing home Cano from third, now it was a 4-3 game and finally Willie found his hook and took his closer, in came some left hander, I can't be arsed to look up how to spell his name, he got Damon to hit a groundball to Reyes who was playing in, he could've come home, he decided to go to second and attempt the game ending 6-4-3, Matsui took the throw from Reyes and fired to first and in a bang bang play, Damon was correctly ruled safe and the game was tied.

Proctor pitched a perfect ninth sending the game to extras where in the 11th the away side took the lead. A lead off walk to Cairo was followed by two uncontested steals leaving it down to Andy Phillips, who'd entered the game as part of a double switch in the 10th to bring Cairo home. He duly delivered a base hit to RCF leaving Mariano to nail down the win, he did, and boy did he do it in impressive fashion, three swinging k's and his stuff for the first time in a while looked evil, that inside cutter was simply unhittable.

It was a win we should never of had, Pedro pitched great and again doesn't get the W whilst Mussina was again sharp and got little help from his team mates who got nothing together offensively and committed four errors in the field. It was nice to win and really nice to do it against a stud closer but the Yankee injury situation is really starting to get dire and unless something changes I am fearful of the immediate future in the Bronx.

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