Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Drinking from the well - and a Red Sox trade deadline comment

How many pitches did I see from tonight's game - one, just one... timing is everything!

There are really only so many times...

I think someone said it here... 5 walk off hits this season, 12 in his Red Sox career, 2 in the last three days... unbelievable! For tonight though, look at Mike Lowell's face when he watches Ortiz's hit from the dugout.



Only joking - I think (as I said leading up to today) the Sox could have used a rotation upgrade, I think they could have done some addition by subtraction in the bullpen (either Tavarez or Seanez), but if the price was Hansen and Lester as widely speculated today, you have to say that the team made the right move.

Having just finished Seth Mnookin's Feeding the Monster which highlighted the friction between Larry L and Theo E over the veteran / prospect debate, I also think that today's non-moves are absolute proof that Theo is solely in charge of the baseball operations side of the Red Sox - the price that he wanted to return as GM.

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