Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The deadline day deal that never was - The Rocket

Roger Clemens must be my favourite subject, I seem to find any legitimate excuse to write about him, but one day after the non-waiver deadline passed, the man with 343 career wins is the lead story over at ESPN.com.

Jayson Stark is reporting that the Astros owner should've allowed the Rocket to move to Boston and join the Red Sox. He says in the article that both clubs even discussed possible players that could be moved is a potential deal, but nothing came about, and Roger would never clear waivers so he's stuck in Houston for the rest of the season.

Now personally I am glad that he won't be suiting up in Red Sox as he is my favourite player, so seeing him suit up for our arch-rivals would be galling to say the least. The Cubs moved Maddux believing that he deserved another shot at post season glory and it would've been nice to see the Astros do the same, but on the other hand, in Houston he can't hurt the Yanks until the last week in October, if at all.

Apparently Clemens to the Red Sox was close, I do wonder how close the Yankees got to bringing him back to the Bronx, I'm sure if he was available then Cashman would've been working those phones. In the end though the Red Sox stood still, but they nearly got arguably the biggest fish that wasn't even on the market...

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I've been gone for a long time, has this blog always been so pro-Yankees?
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