Monday, August 07, 2006

Life without the internet or Sky television... Hell.

So I have moved house and the internet and Sky TV weren't here waiting for me, wasn't overly amused. The Sky man came on Friday but said he couldn't install a dish as there were trees in the way and I needed a special roof top dish to get a signal. So another company was called and as of today, I now have Sky back with all its NASN watching capabilities. However it doesn't end there, I have Sky in my room and not just Sky, Sky with a remote TV link so I can change the channel from up here. Bonsa.

As for the internet, the engineer was meant to install it today but isn't coming, so after nearly a week of no net I was getting a tad peed off, so I went out a bought myself some microfilters and set up my old broadband and it is working (for how long, I'm not sure) So your NYY blogger is back, and before reading his 602 e-mails he watched four condensed games, and the Yankees won three of them, my brief thoughts are as follows:

Cory Lidle was very impressive, got a lot of ground balls, did much better than advertised.

Randy Johnson's slider was flat, lucky to pull out a win there.

Mike Mussina looked poor early doors struggling with the strikezone and leaving balls up in the zone, unluckily Adam Lowren was just filthy and that game was gone.

Jaret Wright was great again, he went 2-0 with a 1.64 ERA over the past week, I'll take that.

Giambi looks like he's heating up again now there isn't so much pressure on him. He can carry a line-up so to have him start stinging the ball again is great.

Big 9th inning HR by Jorge on Friday to break the tie, I love that kid.

All is all, a bad week to of missed, but a great week for Yankee fans.

I look forward to seeing you tonight other Neil, it has been a while!

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