Friday, August 25, 2006

A positive start

Well a few posts ago I said that this road-trip would tell us a lot about the 2006 Red Sox, and the trip has gotten off to as good a start as could have been hoped for - and tonight (at least) one of the most criticized members of the 2006 team came through when it was sorely needed. Watching the Sox game on the out of town scoreboard as the inning's went by and the Angels kept recording 0's would only have been made more enjoyable if the Sox hadn't largely been doing the same thing!

On a slight down note, the much criticized one had to leave the game having just walked his first (and given I tried saying nine quite a few times after his last outing, let me just luxuriate in the number one for a while... ) batter leading off the 7th inning (having only thrown 71 pitches) with a cut on his right middle finger - as I was at Safeco I didn't see pictures of the offending cut - but hopefully it was a cautious removal by our manager, rather than a rotation hole next Tuesday kind of cut... ?

Given the Sox also received good news on Manny's knee, some positive words from Varitek (likely that he will be back playing baseball in a week - either rehab or with the Sox) and news that Wakefield may only be days from returning, this week is ending on a more positive note than it started.

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