Thursday, October 05, 2006

The final Fantasy (f)

I shall update on the playoffs in a second but I must first praise Neil H and his Edinburgh Red Sox team for their 10-3 win in the final of UKL 2 keeper league over the past fortnight. Neil H put together a very balanced offence together with a solid starting and relief corps and ran out deserved winners.

10-3 sounds like a bit of a hammering but until the Sunday it still wasn't beyond the realms of possibility that my Fratton Yankees were going to take it but it just wasn't to be. Next year the Fratton Yankees will get upgrades at SP with both Daisuke Matsuzaka and Scott Olsen ready to step up from my mL setup into the rotation and after a couple of good deadline day deals, I have a side that could again make the playoffs, and lets be honest, in this competitive league, that in itself it an achievement.

So congratulations to Neil H, the best team didn't win, I knocked them out in the opening round of the playoffs (well the manager of that team keeps telling everyone he's the best anyway) but the best team out of the final two certainly did win.

Oh well, I won two other leagues and now I can concentrate on the real Yankees.

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