Monday, September 18, 2006

An all 3,079 Miles final...

Like most baseball fans, both Neil H and I are fantasy baseball guys, it is actually where we both came across each other on a now defunct keeper league. Several years on and again we find ourselves in the same league, 16 teams with both US and UK teams and after all is said and done the Championship match is between the #2 seed Edinburgh Red Sox (Neil H) and my #4 seed Fratton Yankees.

We are both looking forward to the next fortnight and will be updating the blog regularly with how things are progressing.

After the way our teams respective season's have gone, here's hoping it'll be competitive!

For the record, all fantasy posts will have (f) in the title so you can skip them should you not want to read these posts.

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At 11:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys.

Good luck to both of you in the inaugural UKL-2 World Series. Glad to see the UK contestants are flying the flag.

Looking forward to reading your blog over the coming 14 days, thanks for posting the link. I love anything that complements our league, and this is just the job.



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