Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bill Miller is a bum

I call too many people bums, I think it's losing its edge.

Last night I informed Neil H that Damon had been ejected, I was sure what for as I had the game on mute whilst watching a classic episode of the British sitcom Bottom (if you've never seen it, look it up, just too funny) so I refrained from my usual kneejerk, 'The ump is a bum' blog, however I've now seen the replay and you can clearly hear what the ump is saying, and he is a bum.

Is he a bum for tossing Damon for arguing balls and strikes? No he's not, he's a bum for one word, and thanks to some excellent mic work, here's what the home plate ump had to say.

'Johnny, Shut-up, Johnny do you wanna get in my business, do you wanna get in my business, do you wanna argue balls and strike, is that what you wanna do?' so far I have no problem but there's one more word left, 'Good' and he's tossed.

It might not seem like a lot but when an umpire is saying that in the context, he is effectively saying, 'I am the big man and I want to throw you out to show off that I'm the boss' and that pees me right off, he could've said 'ok' and tossed Damon and I have no problem, but saying 'good' is like he relishes the limelight and having the spotlight on him for a change. I did have a cracking line about Miller actually being a big man and that he could do to lose a few pounds and cut down on the fried chicken, but alas he didn't look that bulky, oh well, I'll save that for when an overweight ump annoys me next.

The Yanks got a couple of gift calls over at 1st from 1st base up Eric Cooper, but calls like them will even themselves out over the season. I know that but I do get annoyed when an ump, or anyone in life for that matter, tries to do the big 'I am', its just one of my pet peeves.

I apologise.

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