Saturday, October 28, 2006

Woeful World Series

Well the Cardinals are the Champions...

And a lot of people are asking... was this as bad as it gets?

No Fall Classic, for sure.

Flatter than the Midwestern heartland and a flop in the TV ratings, this World Series crowned a champion that barely made it to the post-season and then had to survive rain and cold as much as the bumbling Detroit Tigers.

Are these really the best teams in baseball? Because it certainly doesn't seem like it.

Teams aren't winning games in this World Series so much as losing them.

Jim Caple - ESPN
This sloppy mess was a perfect ending to an ugly postseason, as even the heretofore clean-playing Cardinals had some defensive miscues (perhaps they were mocking the Tigers through satire?), although they were confined to right field and only gave Detroit one run instead of three. St. Louis won this World Series not through great play and certainly not through tremendous talent, but by making fewer mistakes than their opponents

Keith Law - ESPN (Insider)
And, after a sloppy and often uninspiring five games against the favored but overwhelmed Tigers, this Series certainly won't go down as a classic among Fall Classics. It won't, in fact, come close.

But, seriously: You think the people in St. Louis care about any of that?

John Donovan - SI

The last point there is an interesting one - should Cardinal fans care? No they shouldn't, but equally, they should develop a pretty thick skin, because this team is never getting the respect they might feel it deserves.

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At 7:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter who wins the world series, 90% of the time its going to be met with this kind of reception from fans and the like of teams not in either market.

In 5 years time few people are gonna remember the 2004 series and WhiteSox even though they were downright AWESOME all the way, few people are gonna remember the 2001 series Dbacks despite the best 1-2 punch of this generation effectively carrying them all the way.

The Cardinals are a perfect example riding your luck to win, but they did what they had to, pitching during the playoffs was pretty damn awesome for a bunch of castoffs...The pitching got hot at the right time and pitching wins prizes in the playoffs so they deserved to win just for that.

Very few world series winning teams are going to be remembered in a single sense anymore, people remember dynasties not 1 season champions...but as the article said the people of St Louis dont care, wont care, and they shouldnt care. They arent the first team to win whilst not being great, and they most certainly will not be the last.

Id rather play poop and win than play well and lose anyday of anyweek..respect or not..winning is what its all about!



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