Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bye bye Bubba

The Bubba Crosby era is over in the Bronx after the OF agreed to a one year deal with the Cincinnati Reds. Crosby, who came over from the Los Angeles Dodgers with Scott Proctor for Robin Ventura on July 31 2003, had been unhappy that he'd been optioned to AAA and believed he didn't get the respect and playing time that he deserved.

I have to admit, I was one of the Yankee fans that wondered what the Bubba phenomenon was all about. He was a below average hitter, a decent fielder, an ok runner, but because he had all this supposed heart and guts, he was an important player for the Yankees. Well let's be honest, Bubba was not an important player for the Yankees and losing him is not in any way shape or form a blow to the 2007 team.

I hope Bubba does well for himself but he isn't good enough to be a starting outfielder in the bigs, and personally I question his ability to even be a 4th or 5th OF.

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