Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mike Lupica, just how he is allowed to write about the Yankees?

Just a quick one from me for now.

Does anyone know how Mike Lupica gets away with just slagging off the Yankees day after day, week after week in a NY newspaper? I know he's a Mets fan but surely with his level of bias and seeming hate for all things Torre/Cashman/Yankee, he shouldn't be allowed to write about the Bronx Bombers, and worse of all he gets paid a hefty salary and has limited national fame due to his column and appearances on ESPN.

His latest column slating Brian Cashman is available here if you really wanted to read about what a terrible job Brian Cashman is doing and how in fact it is all Cash as to why Joe kept his job, despite everyone else in the media and all members of the NYY hierarchy indicating that Joe's call to George (which was brokered by Cash to be fair) was the main reason he came back.

He ends with this question, 'How many times do the Yankees have to fall short of the Fall Classic before Cashman goes on the line?' Mike Lupica might be a bit of a biased twit but he isn't thick so I don't know why he bothered writing this. The whole world and his mother knows that Cashman has only gained total control this year and when he had significant control back in the late 90's the club were winning until George demanded bigger and better stars at every position.

I'm not the world's biggest expert on the Yankees, there are tens of bloggers out there writing about the club and if I could do a better job than Lupica, which I reckon I could, then think about all the guys that are better than me that could do that job. If the Daily News want a good Yankee reporter go out and get one of the excellent bloggers instead of letting Lupica write about them, I promise you that you'd get better more balanced articles.

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At 10:04 pm, Anonymous Zachary said...

Wow, that piece didn't even make sense. How could the Yankee "collapse" be blamed on Cashman? Over the past years, I think he's been one of the best General Managers in the game. He brought in A-Rod, the Big Unit ( which was a popular idea at the time), Scott Proctor, Mike Myers, Hidkei Matsui, Gary Sheffield, Bobby Abreu, and countless others. I seriously think that Cashman is a huge part of the reason the Yanks have won so many consecutive division titles. I dread to think what would be going on if Steinbrenner had total control.

At 11:34 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

Cash has made some excellent trades and I'm pretty sure his job isn't in any danger. Lupica is a twit.


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