Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jeter wins third Gold Glove

For the third straight year Derek Jeter has won a Gold Glove in the American League at the SS position. In a move that'll piss off my good friend Pete J over at The Spurious World of Baseball the Yankee great has again won the award due to laziness on behalf of the voters who have overlooked better and more deserving defensive players for the award.

I may be a Yankee fan but I have no idea how no Red Sox players came away with a Gold Glove despite an excellent season defensively. Mike Lowell over at 3rd had a very deserving case but even more deserving was Alex Gonzalez, whose seven errors and .985 FP dwarfs Jeter's 15 errors and .975 FP.

I love Derek but he's only an average to good defensive SS and his forte is making the great plays. His range to his left is nothing to write home about and I really do question how he's gotten this award.

However if he wins the MVP I won't be so hard on him as for me, he is a legit candidate for that.

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At 2:09 am, Anonymous Zachary A. said...

Alex Gonzalez only had 475 chances to mess up ( fielding chances) compared to Jeter's 610.

Oh, and guess who else has a .985 fielding percentage?

Jason Giambi.

At 9:54 pm, Blogger Neil H said...

Zachary A - my logic cells have just been blown away by some of the implied logic you use there.

You seem to imply that Jeter is a better SS than A-Gon because he had more chances? How does A-Gon create more chances for himself?

You seem to argue that if A-Gon had another 135 chances he would have made enough errors to clearly show that Jeter was better - so having made 8 erros in 475 chances, your logic process is comfortable with the idea that he would then commit 9 errors in his next 135 chances - yet this years numbers, and his career numbers, would have given you an easy way to determine the liklihood of him doing such a thing.

And then to finish off with Giambi... seriously, you are suggesting that A-Gon isn't a great fielding SS because his FP is only as good as Giambi's, but that Jeter, with a fielding percentage 10 points worse than Giambi, is a deserving GG winner? You don't think that SS is a touch more of a difficult position to field than SS?

Neil M beat me to the punch on the Jeter GG (damn you time zones, and double damn you working til stupid times of night), but I really need to get round to the why Jeter is disrespected in some circles debate - which is a shame, as he is clearly a valuable player.

But it is three undeserved GG's and one utterly, utterly crazy Hank Aaron Award that drive non-Yankee fans crazy - he isn't the best fielding SS in the AL - FACT - yet he wins three GG's in a row, he isn't the best hitter in the AL - FACT - yet he wins a HA Award...


At 4:35 am, Blogger s1c said...

I made a table showing their fielding stats at

While A-gon didn't play as many games, if you look at the stats then you have to wonder what the coaches and managers were taking, maybe the MLB should extend their drug testing to include those bozos.


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