Thursday, November 02, 2006

Let the bidding begin - Matsuzaka posted

The Seibu Lions today made it official as they posted the Yankees half of 3,079 Miles... favourite Daisuke Matsuzaka. The pitcher (who I incidentally already own in a keeper league due to my excellent drafting policy) is 26 years of age and had a 17-5 record with his Japanese side in the past season, posting a 2.13 ERA. He was also the MVP of the inaugural (ooo look at me with the posh word) World Baseball Classic.

The Yankees are expected to make a very strong run at him as are the Mets, however the Mariners who were expected to be strong suitors have seemingly pulled out of the bidding. It is a ruse to lull the big east coast teams into a false sense of security or have they really been priced out of it by the rumours of his posting fee being in the $25m-$30m range?

If the Mariners are being straight up with the media then you have to make the Yankees the favourites to land the pitcher. The posting fee doesn't count towards any luxury tax leaving the Yankees free to blow any teams out of the water with a bid. If Matsuzaka is posted for around $30m, which is at the top end of the scale and then signing a 4yr/$44m deal, then that would bring the total cost of Matsuzaka to $74m for just four years.

That is an awful lot of money but the Yankees desperately need starting pitching and despite him not having any ML experience, I'm backing him over the prized FA Barry Zito in a barren year for Free Agents.

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