Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Very quick Matsuzaka thoughts

I literally have seven minutes until I leave for work and I still have to put on a shirt, jumper, coat and shoes but whilst I knew the Red Sox had won, I've just found that they won at $51.1m.

MLB people say the Mets bid $39-40m and the Yankees in the $32-33m range.

Just an absolute stunning amount of cash, and a signal that the Red Sox are ready to spend big and do whatever it takes to win it all and the beat the Yankees and the rest of the field, after RSN took a beatdown last year.

You've got to say the Red Sox have shocked everyone with their determination, a bid above $50m is crazy, but hey they won.

Enjoy your $15 beers Fenway folks.

Ok three minutes and counting...

2 threw a strike:

At 8:26 pm, Blogger Pete J said...

A ridiculous amount of money for someone who hasn't done a thing state side.

The American season is unlike any other in the world and for that money you could easily get someone who is established in the bigs and will definately get you 30+ starts.

At 1:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yah, but the 'ridiculous amount of money' will be earned back before the season starts in merch and licensing rights with a WHOLE NATION FULL of converted fans willing to shell out dollars for merch and not $15 beers....besides...the beer inside stadiums is always disgusting...i wouldnt pay $1. id rather get it at beer works before and after the game
and the japanese season may take less innings pitched than over here, but with the national team and all the pitching he did as an amatuer in high school....he is more established than anyone you could get for 50mil (look at gil meche, 55mil, 5 years and ted lilly, 40+ for 4 years) i think id rather take dice-k for 52 for 6 years and the 51 posting fee was more of an investment in the prosperous japanese fan base... if you think that this is anything other than the best deal in theo's reign, you havent looked at the potential and probable upside from this deal both for the sox in terms of wins and losses and in terms of international appeal monetarily and their appeal to potential imported stars.


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