Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pettitte moves towards return to the Bronx

In a move that would probably surprise most baseball fans, Andy Pettitte looks like he could be on his way back to the Yankees. The 34 year-old Free Agent who hasn't confirmed that he wants to play on has given a strong enough hint that his agents have been quoted as saying that they are in negotiations with the Bombers over his possible return to the Bronx.

Pettitte, who recorded a 21 win season in his last under Joe Torre back in 2003, would probably he available on a two year deal, possibly even one year with an option giving the Yankees a short term bridge to Philip Hughes, the man who incidentally, the Yankees got using the draft pick they received from Houston when they signed Pettitte as a Free Agent after that 2003 season.

If Pettitte did return to the Yankees then firstly it would be a great move by Cashman, secondly it would re-ignite talk of Andy's best mate the Rocket also coming back to the Yankees for one final stint. If Pettitte signs with the Yanks then I think you could rule out a dream return for the Rocket in Beantown as I can't see them wanting to play for opposing sides going at each other.

This news has excited me.

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