Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let's run the guy out of town... before he gets here

Well the jury is back, the verdict is in, and the convicted [insert your favorite lowlife scum term here] is sentenced to 5 (but hopefully only 4) years hard labor. To make up for the sentence though, the jailer hopes to pay the [insert that reference again] $56m - $70m.

At least I presume that JD Drew has committed some sort of crime to deserve this type of "welcome"!

At some point, presumably not in my lifetime, Sox reporters, and the media at large, will get over the fact that the Red Sox did not want Johnny Damon on their team in 2 years time. They never got the chance to offer Damon what the Yankees did - Damon's choice, no one else's - but we continue to slaver over him as if he were some sort of giant who won the world series single handedly for us. But then I suppose Damon did do that again with his new team...

As for the 'some player's aren't cut out for here' BS - I wonder why - maybe because the local media have already decided they don't want him, and will slaughter him at every opportunity?

It was LA where JD picked up the 'Nancy Drew' moniker - he missed 90 games in LA in his first year with a broken hand - what could he possibly do about that? He got hit by a ball - ah well he was dogging it. He missed 16 games in 2006 - why would you want that loafer in RF when we could just re-sign Trot 'Dirt Dog' Nixon - ah but Trot is a dirt dog, he always plays... except he missed 50 games in 06, 40 games in 05 and 110 in 04... I mean, let it go Boston press, 'DL' Drew as we wittily know him for the next four years has played more games in that period than gamer Trot Nixon, and at least he has put up serious production in the games he did play.

And Tony La Russa, the only manager in baseball history to manage two teams to WS sweeps, is the genius that we want to rely on for player assessment - he got Renteria right, so he must be right on JD? So why don't we just sack Theo and just run all our potential deals past TLR to get his thoughts?

In 2004 Drew played 145 games, in '05 a broken hand limited him to 72 games, while in '06 he played 146 games. Maybe, just maybe, the patella tendinitis in his knee really did impact him while he played for TLR, and maybe, just maybe, the guy who will hopefully be manning RF in Fenway next year isn't the same player that was in St Louis.

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