Thursday, March 08, 2007

My favourite subject - The Rocket hints at Yanks

The Astros, the Yankees and the Red Sox - the three teams who are in the hunt for another Rocket blast off. Last night the seven-time Cy Young award winner was visiting the Yankees to watch his buddy Andy Pettitte pitch, and whilst he was there he spoke with the boss and visited Ken Singleton and Al Leiter in the broadcast booth.

All those who've spoken to him said that they believed he would pitch again, including Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter who had played golf with him and shared dinner respectively the previous day.

The Rocket tried not to say too much but one thing is clear, he isn't interested in pitching for a team that doesn't provide him with run support. Whilst we are only in pre-season and are not sure how the Astros offense will stack up, it would be fair to think that the Astros do not have the inside track.

This leaves the two AL East offensive juggernaunts - the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Rocket himself said that he didn't know many of the players on the Red Sox and a lot of his close friends were on the Yankees.

All the signs point to a reunion in the Bronx sometime in June or July for a half season stint. Some fans will not think it is worth it and that the money could be better served in other areas but I'm a Clemens guy and believe that 15 games from him in the regular season and a handful in the postseason could really help this ball club, and I for one, would look forward to seeing him back in Pinstripes later this year.

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