Friday, March 09, 2007

Yankees got Pavano too cheap

I wonder how many Yankee fans and officials believe this to be the case?

A lifetime losing pitcher signed a four-year $39.95m dollar deal after the 2004 season and stated that he was glad to be a Yankee. One thing he wasn't glad about though was his contract, one that he felt wasn't enough and has refused to pay the agent who brokered the deal his standard 5% cut according to Jon Heyman over at SI.

I have tried to be on Pavano's side, he's having a bad run of things but really, this isn't what you expect nor want. He has been paid the best part of $20million over the past two years without really earning the money after a string of various injuries.

It was widely reported at the time that Pavano has bigger offers on the table from other clubs so if money was suc an object then why didn't he go and play for one of them. Carl Pavano has been the worst decision that can be solely placed at the feet of Brian Cashman, and it has been a big one, but for Pavano himself to be complaining is disgusting.

He should pay up, he's a multi-millionaire, his agent did the job he was employed to do, and Pavano should concentrate on earning his crust and pitching in the big leagues instead of having to deal with court cases.

Will he ever learn?

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