Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A difference of opinion

In the new era of "always truthful (TM)" A-Rod, even when he says what he really thinks, it seems people can't agree on his agenda.

My first knowledge of anything to do with the story was ESPN's interpretation... it couldn't be any clearer could it?
"I want to 100 percent stay in New York"
Except, it seems that not too many people heard the same thing...

The New York Post captions it 'Now it's up to you New York', with their interpretation being that another year of fan abuse, and the Rod is gone... The New York Daily News is just as blunt - 'A-Rod: Love Me... or Else', with the same message that links A-Rod's future in New York with the attitude of the fans. Even the paper of record heard the same message.

While over at the LoHud Yankees Blog, Peter Abraham, who seems to have a nice finger on the cross-over between baseball insider and fan, is blunter still, with the tone of his final comment being the killer for me -
Alex told us several times that he wants to stay in New York. But just a few hours earlier, he drew a line on a map and it led right to Anaheim or Chicago or wherever he wants to go.

It is always interesting on this beat. Always.
Anyone want to set a date on the over / under for the end of the "always truthful (TM)" era?

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