Monday, April 04, 2005

6th Inning

BOS: R: 0 H: 1 E: 1
NYY: R: 2 H: 2 E: 0

Look at strike 3...thank you Manny. Ortiz will ground out to Jeter. Millar got on somehow, I am told a walk but I was busy talking fantasy baseball and missed it. Varitek shatters his bat but bloops a double just over Giambi, that is Giambi's downfall in the field, his actual fielding is poor but he holds the bag so well. No harm done as Jay Payton does nothing special.

Jeter gets on with a walk against untested Blaine Neal and Jeter promptly steals second. A-Rod drills a single to CF and will collect an RBI. Damon is charged with an error for allowing A-Rod to get to 3rd which is the right call as Johnny parried the ball 30 foot away. Sheffield flys out and A-Rod tests Manny's arm and wins as he gets to 3rd.

Neal leaves and in comes Alan Embree and on the first pitch Sierra smokes a double right down the line and A-Rod will stroll home. Matsui fouls out but Posada will draw a walk to bring up Giambi with two on. He swings at ball four only to see Manny catch it in LF.

The D'Rays are stocked up, my good friend Peter tells me Delmon Young is just amazing and is the star of their minor league system. Chris Singleton, Ken's son is also meant to be pretty good. BJ Upton, Jorge Cantu are two more and then look at the outfield of Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli and Aubury Huff.


Not even mentioned Kazmir but I don't think I even need to. As for the Blue Jays, how big is the hole that Carlos Delgado leaves?

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