Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Could the Rocket take off once again from the Bronx?

Well he may have 'retired' and left the Yankees at the end of 2003 after a fine performance down in Pro Player Stadium, but he didn't stay away from the game he loves for too long. Roger Clemens bounced back with the Astros in Houston and went on to an 18-4 2.98 season which was enough to capture a staggering 7th Cy Young award.

However I thought that Roger was ready to walk away - but after getting the largest single-season pitching contract in the history of the game ($18.5m), the Rocket was ready to take off yet again and he has started with a bang. With only one win in four games, you might be disappointed, but in reality his numbers are off this planet.

1-0 with a 0.32 ERA through four starts and 28 innings is the best in the bigs. Rich Harden is next with an ERA of 0.44, not even the Marlins three-headed monster Beckett (3-1 1.00), Burnett (2-1 2.40) and Willis (4-0 1.50) really compare with the great 42 year-old so far in this young season.

Clemens has hooked up in three 0-0 games when he left against Mark Mulder (Cardinals), Tim Hudson (Braves) and Kazuisha Ishii (Mets) and ironically gave up his only run in the game where he got his only win.

It has been widely reported that if the Astros are not in the hunt come the A-S break then they will pursue avenues to trade Clemens to the Yankees. As it stands Clemens would stroll in and be the best pitcher at the club, although Randy Johnson would most likely keep hold of his #1 status for the post season, should the Yankees get there, and that is certainly no given at this time.

Roger Clemens has the chance to go into the Hall of Fame with the highest % of votes ever, a record currently held by Tom Seaver at 98.84%. Not one person could argue against Clemens being a first ballot Hall of Famer, and if he could come back to the Bronx and lead this club back to the World Series, then I for one would gladly welcome him back despite what happened 18 months ago.

This ball club needs great starting pitching, and as it stands he is the best around, and one of the greatest of all time. Not to consider it because of what happened would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.

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