Sunday, April 17, 2005

Is it time to panic yet?

After throwing away a four-run lead in the bottom of the 7th on Saturday night, the Yankees fell to 4-7 and the volcano that is George Steinbrenner is starting to show signs of an imminent explosion. Maybe that is an over-exaggeration but you know that this can't go on for too much longer before moves by made by the boss.

The bp looks horrible, only Sturtze and Rivera seem to have Torre's faith and whilst Flash keeps coming in, he keeps giving up runs. Quantrill has been relegated quickly and Stanton walked the only batter he faced last night. As for F-Rod, he has live stuff but needs to harness it before he earns anyone's trust.

The Yankees went 1/12 with RISP last night (A-Rod's ground rule double scoring Jeter) and that quite simply isn't good enough. My boy Jorge has really started off cold but no-one looks awesome at the plate. Matsui is cooling off as he tries to pull everything and as for Giambi, please, please PLEASE push a bunt down the 3rd base line for a bit and then they won't put a fielder in short RF and you'll be able to get those base hits again.

Everyone questioned the signing of Tony Womack and is seems to get worse every time I go to write something about it. Yesterday he made a costly error (although called a base hit) was caught stealing (although to be fair Lopez baulked) and tried to bunt Bernie over late in the game but bunted it straight to Melvin Mora who was hardly ten foot from Womack, giving them the easy force on Bernie.

The home plate umpire (after the horror show on Thursday night that nearly caused Neil to burst several blood vessels) was just as bad. On the Yankee LH hitters the plate was stretched about six to eight inches and he called strikes off the plate all night from Lopez. Considering the Yankees are well known as patient hitters, this is surprising as previous history usually comes into play.

Kevin Brown comes back this afternoon, oh boy, I can't wait!

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