Thursday, April 21, 2005

Nomar heading to the DL?

Well it appears that Nomar's injury problems have struck again - he has been carried off the field from tonight's Cubs / Cardinals game with a groin injury, although the photographs on Yahoo, for example, appear to show him in terrible pain.

After a very encouraging spring, Nomar has really struggled, and was dropped to 6th in the Cubs batting order tonight - if Sosa was dropped in the lineup for his numbers last year, Nomar's line of .163/ .236/ .184 was not going to offer much protection.

After a stunning start to his career, incorporating a four year period of absolute excellence, Nomar's career has been seriously hampered by significant injuries - to his wrist, costing him all but 21 games of the 2001 season, and to his ankle, which deprived him of 81 games between the Sox and Cubs last year. The one year deal that Nomar signed with the Cubs this year was supposed to allow Nomar to show the market that he was fully recovered, and able to demonstrate at least 2002 / 2003 levels of production. His start to the season, and tonight's injury, do nothing to dispel the notion that we may have to accept the fact that Nomar's best days are definitely behind him.


Well Nomar officially went on to the DL today, and from all accounts may miss 2 - 3 months - it really does start to get interesting. The incentives that were built into Nomar's deal start kicking in after 125 - 130 games - if he spends that long on the DL he has no chance to earn those incentives.

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