Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Week 2 was ugly (1-5)

Well getting swept in Baltimore and nicking one from three in Fenway wasn't in the plan. However that is the record we have to deal with so with only one win they'll only be one positive this week, whilst we'll see five negatives, shouldn't be too hard to fill up those five spots!


The main positive was it is still only April. Plenty of time still to turn it around and maybe this four game losing streak is the type of thing that a veteran team needs, a good kick up the backside.


We'll start sadly with my boy Jorge Posada. I went up and took him in the 5th round of my fantasy draft and he is killing in there and with the Yanks. Doesn't look comfortable at the plate, but he can go on a hot streak and start turning things around. I just hope he does it soon.

Next up is everyday 2B Tony Womack. If anyone can tell me how this guy is an everyday player in the Bronx then please let us know. Can't field, swings at pitches above his head, can't do the simple things like move runners over. All this whilst Robinson Cano is hitting the stitches out of the ball down at AAA Columbus.

Mike Stanton gets in this list due to his failure twice in two nights down at Camden Yards. Brought in for two batters and walked them both, that simply isn't good enough.

A-Rod hasn't started too well and looks horrible at the plate but he was showing signs of turning it around. Still think he looks uncomfortable in this team.

Finally I bigged up his eye last week but Jason Giambi needs to be clever. If they are giving you the whole left side of the infield then take it. If you show you'll go the other way then they'll stop putting a fielder in short RF and you'll be able to get those hits again.

Lets hope we do better against the Devil Rays tonight, 0-0 as we stands as Jeter digs in, in the bottom of the 1st, oh well he's grounded out and I want to concentrate on the game so I'll get on with uploading this and going to the fridge.

Ah in addition Tanyon Sturtze has pulled an oblique muscle and has been put on the DL. Buddy Groom has been called up, not Andy Phillips. Great.

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