Sunday, April 10, 2005

One more in the L column

One of the things I love about baseball (and put me in a psychologists chair, play word association, first word... patience) is the fact that there is always another game tomorrow.

In football, you play today, lose and have a week to stew on what went wrong. In baseball, tomorrow is the ideal chance to fix things... except... when you win in football, you have a week to enjoy the high, to glory in what went right, to taste the expectation of all that might go right next week... in baseball that high can be destroyed in a day... like today...

One of the things that takes some getting used to when you have not had a love of baseball born into you, where you develop that love tainted by adult experiences, is the idea that the most succesful player fails more than they succeed, where a succesful team will lose at least 60 games, and a winning team can lose 80 games...

So early in the season, I always seem to fall into an extreme high / low following wins and losses - perhaps because there is no clear idea of how a team will perform over the course of the season, each win may signify season long glory, each loss may portend disaster - that dulls as the season progresses, then rises again as the play-off positions become more real...

Oh well, another game tomorrow

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