Thursday, April 14, 2005

That'll Mo

He was cheered to the mound by the Red Sox fans but after a line-out and two ground-outs to Tony Womack at 2nd base, Mariano Rivera had earned his first save against the Red Sox since the 2004 regular season.

Curt Schilling had started for the Sox in this one, his first start in the big leagues this season but he was to go one inning too long and give up bombs to Jason Giambi and Bernie Williams that ensured the Bronx Bombers would be victorious.

Jaret Wright threw five innings but was never impressive and got himself into awful trouble by failing to locate the strikezone. A great play by Jeter saved him in the fifth, allowing him to earn his first win as a New York Yankee.

Bernie hit in the 9th spot and went 3 for 4 with his first Home Run of the season. The move will be seen as masterstroke by Yankee manager Joe Torre in the press. I have to admit I like Bernie in that second lead-off spot but Womack leading off is ugly. He struck out to open the game at a fastball he couldn't of hit if he tried it was so high, and nearly swung at one which was at eye-level, yuk.

0 threw a strike:

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